Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Woo-hoo! Talk about excitement! Saturday night Malorie discovered a loose tooth! She was very excited ( I think that is an understatement)! She even let Rob and I wiggle it a little.

This was Malorie right after she discovered the loose tooth!

Sunday morning Malorie woke up and told me she didn't think she would be able to eat anything today because of her tooth. I managed to convince her that wasn't the case and encouraged her to bite with her front teeth. She wasn't so sure about that. After church we grabbed some Taco Johns and headed home (no eating in the new car... right Rob). So we got home and Malorie started eating her taco and took 3 bites and said she couldn't eat anymore. So Rob told her she either ate the taco or he was going to pull that tooth out! She didn't miss a beat and yelled, "Yeah, pull it out"! and jumped into Rob's lap.

After several attempts (and several jumps out of the lap) they gave up!
So I told Malorie that when I had a loose tooth as a kid I would just grab a Kleenex and yank it out myself.
I seriously looked away for a second to watch Racyn and I look back at Malorie and she had yanked the tooth out already!


Her letter to the tooth fairy!! (love)

The Tooth Fairy wrote back!!

So proud of her $$

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