Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Photo Shoot

Seriously, my husband left me with the kids (and told me not to go anywhere) on my day off so he could go hunting... What??? So after watching several Halloween movies (kid friendly) and coloring a few Halloween themed coloring pages, I made the kids get their costumes on and we headed outside! Yep, I am a crazy picture taking fool! And I LOVE it!! So here are my honey bee and Brewer beast!! Hope you enjoy!

 The bee stinging the beast
 The Beast did NOT like being stung so he scared the poor honey bee!


This kid makes the funniest faces!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treating at the zoo!

A few weekends back I got volunteered to take a few kids trick or treating at Marshfield's Wildwood Park and Zoo. 
Ok, so it was my two kids, two of my bros kids and my sisters kid! Add that up 2+2+1=5. By myself. Yowza! I think I will tell this story with pictures.
 Below is the before picture!

The After!
They were sooo good and I couldn't have asked for anything other than warmer and much less windy weather!

Too bad I don't have an after picture of me! Imagine me taking a nap! lol!
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love is...

Love is...

Love is...
turning my TV shows off and playing baseball with Racyn.
playing board games with Malorie for an hour.
listening to my husband talk about hunting or fantasy football.
helping a friend move out of her home.
talking to my sister when she is sad, disappointed, happy or anywhere in between.
a big "huggy" from my son.
watching my children learn and grow.
a smile from a niece or nephew.
a look from my dad.
advice from my mom.
my husband letting me drive "his" new car.

What is love for you????

Thursday, October 13, 2011

24 hours away

Last Friday night I took off on a mommy's away for a day trip. My sis, Tanya and friend April headed towards "church camp" for a night away. Check out our view on the drive.

Friday night was also game 5 in the NLDS... So poor April and Tanya were forced to listen to the Brewer Game. Seriously. We listened to the entire game on the drive down. Anybody catch that game? They won. Yup! I stayed in the car until the game was over!  Anywho, back to the task at hand....
Friday night we got to the camp for "Girlfriends only" and we all decided to head out the start a fire since it was absolutely beautiful outside.

This is Bren, roasting everyone's marshmallows!

 After sitting and learning more about some of the ladies from church (way fun) I decided it was time to go to bed. So I got ready for bed and sat in the cabin (yes a real live cabin!!)

When myself and Andreas spotted some puzzles on a table.... So out came the 500 piece puzzle! Awesome, I mean how many moms get to do puzzles at home. Yeah, like none! Loved it!
Working hard!!

Saturday started out with the sis and mom and I heading out to check out our view of the lake. Breathtaking. I love fall, have I ever mentioned that??
Here we are enjoying the view!

So after breakfast we got to business. We had a couple of guest speakers there: April Johnson and Denise Paup. They had some great thoughts on "girl time". April also entertained is with her beautiful voice!
My favorite part of my 24 hours away was just getting to hang out with other girls/moms. It was a beautiful day. Thanks Brenda (aka mom) for a great time! I know I appreciated the time away!

random shots:

Sharing a room with my sissy!

April and Tanya
Mom and April Johnson

and that's how I spent 24 hours away!