Thursday, March 29, 2012


OK, I have gotten lots of questions about my little vacay to Seattle this past weekend. And now that I have gotten mostly over the jet lag and complete exhaustion I am ready to share it with you all. And of course I share all my stories in pictures! Rob and I had a blast. We even got along!! :-) Oh, married people you know what I am talking about! We did everything from the Space Needle to whale watching to just strolling on the pier... and lots of shopping and trying new foods! Yep, I tried 4 new things... and that is a BIG deal for me. I tried coffee, prawns, mussels, and smoked salmon (fresh from the market). I actually really liked prawns and the salmon. One thing I noticed is how small the world is! I ended up riding out to Seattle on the same plane as another Clinic employee who works right down the hallway from me. While on top of the Space Needle I hear someone call out "Julie Bravener??!!" and there was a former schoolmate from elementary school! Yep, and if that isn't enough while Rob and I were visiting Snoqualmie Falls we ran into one of my dad's curling teammates.
Seattle is so beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains. One side was the Cascade Mountains and the other set was the Olympia Mountains. And of course Puget Sound. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

 My first view in Seattle
 Pike's Market

Here's My First Coffee Experience:


The Space Needle (apparently the Angry Birds found it first)

 The view from the Space Needle

Rob and I at the Space Needle Restaurant

Just liked the brick wall. It is actually the outside of The Old Spaghetti Factory.... awesome food! 

 I honestly did NOT notice the naked statue behind me until Rob showed me later!! lol

 Me touching a Starfish. 

 Day 2:

Leaving for our whale watching trip!

Finally we seen a whale!!!

 Yep, that was about it for the whale sightings... onto the beautiful scenery!

Now onto the town on Coupeville which is on Whidby Island about 2 hours from Seattle.

The tide is low... very low... as you can see the water usually covers all those poles that are covered in mussels. 

Our ship the Victoria Clipper III

Here I am so completely over the boat ride! I just wanted to get back to Seattle!!

 Rob having a little fun with the camera and the sun.
Here is saw a submarine... pretty cool!

As we were strolling on the pier after our long boat ride we seen this setting up on a public pier. Once we seen a photographer from National Geographic we decided we better get some pictures too! lol!

Simply beautiful.

the sunset behind Century Link Field (where the Seahawks play)

Day 3 started at Snoqualmie Falls... a 268 foot waterfall. very beautiful!

running into Craig Jero (from Marshfield, WI) Couldn't believe it!

Then we decided to drive around chasing mountains!

Rattlesnake Lake 

The Museum of Flight!

Air Force One (the actual one that Eisenhower, Nixon and Kennedy all used)


The World War plane section... Rob said he could have spent days in here!

 Me checking out Facebook. Cause I had been in a museum full of planes for 3 hours! Gets a little old people!

The Gold Rush Museum

 Rob spun the wheel and he landed on the "You struck it rich" slice! too funny!

 Century Link Field (football team)

SafeCo Field (Seattle Mariners)
  The Pro Shop employee let us in!  Sweet!

 and then we went back to the hotel and crashed. It was an awesome, exciting, exhausting 3 days!