Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sisterly Love


Most of us have one... or two... or more. Some of you don't. 
Tonight I m going to tell you a story of sibling love...

Racyn hasn't been feeling well lately and on Tuesday I noticed he had a rash all over his entire body! Today I took him into Urgent Care to see what was going on as he still had it. Rapid Strep Test came back negative but Dr. seemed pretty convinced some kind of viral infection was going on. 
Later today we were at my parents and Racyn came up to me and said his tummy hurt and that he wanted to go home. So, we packed up and came home. The kids were playing with their guitars and singing songs upstairs when all of a sudden I hear the kids coming down the stairs. (ok, i am seriously tearing up as I write this). I go to the stairs because I hear some funny noises and there are my two beautiful children coming down the stairs together and Malorie is holding a bucket for Racyn because he was throwing up in it. I mean, come on! How many people who do that for their brother or sister??? No one wants to deal with that  kind of mess. What a sweet big sis!
Sometimes it really is the little things in life that just make you stop and be thankful.
I hope you all had a safe weekend and have a great short Thanksgiving week!


p.s. sorry if it kind of grossed you out. Just a proud momma here!

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