Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Programs

A lot has been going on lately with the upcoming holidays!! Just over a week ago was the kids Sunday School Christmas Program. And this past Friday was the kid's school program! Whew! So in an effort to get caught up... Here are some shots from the two programs. Malorie was an angel and Racyn was a star in the church program.

 The girls dancing to "do you hear what i hear"

I started video taping Racyn's class and realized my video tape was almost to the end. I was able to get his all his songs but not Malorie... So I ended up taping her performances instead of taking pics!!!

Can NOT believe I got this shot!!!
What a funny kid!


  1. Is that one girl wearing a crown? Interesting.

  2. yes, apparently her mom must have thought she was the program princess! LOL