Thursday, November 17, 2011

School Days

OK, so what working mom doesn't wish they were able to be home with their kids all the time... or at least some of the time? I know I do!!! Well, since I have been feeling poorly this week and my doc had me resting at  home for the day I took a short drive to school during lunch time to see my two kiddos. I don't think I have ever gotten more hugs from Racyn in one day! He was SO pumped that I came to sit with him while he ate lunch. 

Racyn, however, was so distracted by me that I had to keep reminding him to eat! He was so busy telling everyone that his mom was here. It was so stinkin' cute! Love that guy! Finally I convinced him I had to go see his sister and talk to her for awhile. It was so cool to see my son get up and clear his tray by himself! What a big boy! (enter huge mom sigh here).

Now, on to big sister! Wow, what a difference between a 4K child and a 1st grader! I am now caught up on all the gossip! Whew! So... Braeden has a crush on Malorie (but she already knows that because he told her). But Faith, Emma, and Malorie all have a crush on Cole (wait for it) a second grader... because (in the words of Faith) He is so H-O-T. yep. she spelled it out. How does a 6-7 year old even know what that means? But truly, all I could think of during my lunch time with Malorie was how happy I was with her friends. They are so perfect. Funny, pretty, smart, and VERY entertaining.

After lunch I followed the kids outside for recess. Imagine me convulsing in shivers... Racyn just followed me around like a lost puppy. Sad, but cute. I don't know if I could even describe in words the entertainment I was provided, so once again I will just let the pictures tell the story!

too fun!
Now for the icing on the cake.. the video of the future stars! Try not to mind the 4 year old monster tackling these future stars!

Hope you enjoyed my hour at school!


  1. Love it! It is always an adventure when I go to visit all of the cousins at school! Glad you got to do this! :)

  2. What a memory you made not only for yourself but for Racyn and Malorie and her friends.