Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend we did a little of this and a little of that!
Here's our weekend in pictures:
 Thursday night it started with 1 little baby robin, by Friday we were watching the momma bird feed two babies, in this picture you can see the mom bird has some food in her beak.
 Here we have "Rickie Weeks" and "Corey Hart" playing baseball. These buddies love playing Brewer baseball together!
 Ta-da! I have a shower, and a toilet and a sink/vanity... However, no water yet!
 And I enjoyed watching my flowering crab apple tree bloom this weekend. It is the most beautiful tree in our yard and I love watching it bloom every year!

Hope you all stay safe during the crazy weather that is happening right now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My beautiful children!

I am dreaming of a nice Digital SLR Camera! seriously. I want one SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! But enough whining! Tonight's blog is dedicated to my current camera and the fun I had taking pictures of the kiddos! so I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Had a great mother's day... Rob and the kids were so excited Saturday night that I got some gifts from them last night instead of waiting for today!
Rob got me a personalized glass cutting board and lasagna pan! So excited to have those! yay! Malorie gave me a shadow box with a rainbow colored and she wrote I love you mom and know you love me mom. how sweet is that? Racyn gave me a bookmark and he picked out an orange dress shirt for me that was from him and Malorie. What a sweet family! I was so surprised by their gifts.
This morning I woke up to both kids coming into our bed and waking me up with hugs and telling me happy mother's day. What a couple of love bugs! We then headed off to church where I got 2 roses during children's time (thanks mom). After church we were off to mom and dad's to celebrate the day and dad's 50th birthday!
After we got home I laid down and ended up dozing off for a little quick cat nap before we headed out to Lake Dexter (totally my idea)!! Rob and I both caught 2 fish! So cool, and I know no one will believe this but I actually took both of my fish off the hooks and tossed them back in! yucko! Then Rob made me put another worm on, double yucko! But I persevered! and had a great day! Here are some pics of our fishing adventure! Hope you enjoy and hope you had a great weekend!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Fairs and the Great Outdoors

Thursday was a fun night at our house! After rushing home we quick ate a little supper and then we were off the the Pittsville School's Art Fair... Malorie had a blast showing us her art work and checking out the displays some of the other kids brought. Here's some pics of Mal's artwork:

 Malorie's is the one above her head!
 This is an insect she made

checking out the "lava lamp" display.
Thank you Grammie and Papa and Racyn for coming with us!

After we got home from the Art Fair we decided to play outside and enjoy some SPRING weather!
Here are just a few shots of the kids playing!

we had a blast! Have a great weekend everyone! Hope the weather stays nice!