Monday, July 23, 2012

You say it's your Birthday... Well, it's my birthday too yeah!

Finally! The birthday party post! Can't believe I hit the big 3-0 this year! Looking back on life I remember watching Saved By the Bell as a kid and they would close their eyes and open them and they were 10 years older. I used to do that in junior high and wish i would open my eyes and be graduating high school! Now I am afraid if I did that my kids would be graduating high school! 
A year or two ago my friend Jacki shared a blog post about a family that through their dad a Beatles themed 50th birthday party. The minute I read that I knew- I must do that. But I wasn't waiting for 50!!! So why not 30! Some people freak out about turning 30, but I just wanted to embrace it... and why not throw a party while I am at it.
Thanks to my family they helped me put this party idea into action! (side note: if anyone wants to throw a party and needs help with ideas/themes seriously, Brenda B is your lady)!! So with out further ado here are some pics from the night! I hope if you were there that you enjoyed yourself!!

 me working the cake!

the photo booth:

Look out Paul, there's a new cutest Beatle!

 karaoke!!! ( i LOVE karaoke)!!

Thank goodness Racyn helped me blow out ALL those candles!

 John and Paul made a surprise visit

and even sang a few songs for us! :-D

 mini beatles:

 Time with friends!
 Amanda, Renee, me, Jenny, Jamie and Jacki

Thank you everyone for making this birthday a GREAT one! I had a blast!

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  1. Larry Jr.....seriously gives me a stitch in my side!