Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy Life

It is amazing how busy a person can be during this time of the year! Wow! Christmas has come and gone so fast I can hardly believe it even happened. We were spoiled this Christmas (not unusual). Our families are just amazing to be around. I hope all of you had a great Christmas as well! As I sit here thinking of what to write all I can think about is how I should have taken before and after pics of the kids' rooms. Wow. Malorie's room took me 5 hours to clean and organize the day after Christmas! But I am so glad we did it. More on Christmas later!
Of course most of you know that the weekend before Christmas I got a new camera! Love my husband for that by the way. So since then I have been a picture taking fool. We were at a resort in the Dells with Rob's family when Rob presented this to me! Best gift ever!!!!!!

Can't believe I haven't posted about this already! What a fun time we had. And what a fun time I had taking pics like crazy of the kids in the water! Hope you enjoy our vacation as displayed in pictures!!!!!!!!
Get ready because there are A LOT of pictures! HA! (not kidding, you have been warned).

 Racyn realizing this park was all about GOLD!! As his favorite show is GOLD RUSH!

 Racyn watching the huge bucket being dumped out all over. (he hates it)
Yep, me in the lazy river! (thanks Thom for taking the pic)! I guessed I asked for it!

 The boys checking out Grandma and Don's ship.

 Horsin' Around!

 The view of the resort from our bedroom balcony.

 Breakfast time!

 We went to see Santa before heading to the wave pool.

 Come on MOM!! let's go faster!

 oops, we stopped to make ornaments at the pottery place first!

 The finished product!

 Sorry, just love this picture!
 What a sweetheart!!!


 I would love to know what this conversation was all about!

 gettin' a little tired!

 Such a happy kid!
 Grandma was helping Malorie with the back float!

 The kid loves to cuddle, even in the water!

 boys will be boys!

 and here they are getting a little talking to by Uncle Thom.

 Can we say NAP TIME??

 Grandma reading all the kids a story before nap time! (they all took one)

 Santa's elves heard the kids were good so they stopped by with a gift and a letter from Santa!

 We ended the trip with a horse wagon ride through the woods behind the resort. We were definitely ready to go home and relax after a great weekend! Thanks Bob and Martha for a great time! I am very glad we get to do this every year!

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  1. Looks like you had a GREAT time! Excellent pics.