Saturday, January 22, 2011

My life lately...

So lately I decieded to take 9 days off of life (not on purpose) and read the Twilight Saga series. I told myself never would I read or watch those movies! Vampires? Seriously? I don't think so! But after reading the first few pages of the first book I was hooked. So 9 days later I shut the covers of the last book! Sorry kids and hubby for ignoring you a little too much lately! If you haven't started reading the books yet, just a warning you may dream about vampires. 3 days after finishing the book and I am finally starting to NOT dream about the characters from the book! Now it is just a matter of waiting for the "Breaking Dawn" movies to come out! Of course I am going to every thing in my power NOT to be one of the people lining up for the midnight showing! Oh and Jacki (this is for you) when you are done with the books go to Stephanie Meyer's web site and she started writing the series from Edward's vantage point and it was leaked so she has it on her website for her fans to read because she won't publish it now. (264 pages worth).  Well, happy reading!

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  1. Love it. I just heard about the Hunger Games Series... I can't wait to get on those now.