Thursday, January 27, 2011

Master of the Balloon Arts

On our recent trip to the Children's Museum my mother bought all her grandkids a special toy to take home with them. Racyn got a little rocket launcher. FUN! Malorie picked a balloon animal making kit. yeah. So last night Malorie remembered this little gift and decided it would be fun to play with it! Of course being the great mom I am I said sure, go ahead! Little did I know that this "toy" wasn't for a 6 year old to try herself. So, let me start by explaining the contents of this kit. 1 hand pump (the size of your palm, 20 balloons, and directions. I start pumping the balloon up... first try flies off the pump. 2nd try and our balloon is getting bigger! 2 minutes later I am still pumping the same balloon up. My hands are on fire at this point from using the tiny little pump. Another minute later and the balloon is finally pumped up all the way. Now I have to figure out how to tie the balloon! After getting that figured out Malorie tells me which "animal" she wants me to make. A poodle. sure sounds simple doesn't it! (I figured out later that i made a bichon frise instead) Well, I did it on the first try! Oh yes I did! The kids were very pleased with my new skill. So they had fun playing with the dog balloon until bed time.
Now starts tonight. Malorie had to show her daddy her balloon kit and we had to pump up another one and make a butterfly this time. NOT GOOD! A butterfly is much more complicated! I have no idea if it looks like a butterfly... Rob asked me if I just gave up and started making loops wherever I wanted. I explained to him that I thought I was following the directions! Yikes! I will post pics when I can of these lovely animals!
 I have to give a lot of credit to those wonderful clowns who make tons of balloon animals for kids!

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