Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Weekend

Saturday was road trip day. Malorie, Racyn, and I invited my mom, and neices Ashley and Victoria along with us to Eau Claire to the Children's Museum. Let's just say it was a GREAT idea! All the kids had SO much fun! We started the trip by stopping in Neillsville at A & W for some great food (and of course Root Beer). Once we got to the Museum the kids could hardly believe the place. There was a toddler park, and a post office and a cafe and a grocery store, and a dentist office... and that was all in the first 20 steps in the door!
Malorie's favorite part was the inside of the body exhibit (even though she wouldn't go through the squishy stomach). Racyn liked the constrcution exhibit where he could be an electrician like daddy and even a plumber.

Grammie enjoyed ordering from the menu at the Cafe from all the kiddos!

We will definitly be back!

Sunday was another adventure filled fun day! Racyn and I hung out (cause Mal was at grammie and papa's and Rob was on a youth group trip) a little and missed church. Of course we got there in time for the soup contest and sunday school. Afterwards, we ventured up to see Great-Grandpa Bravener in the hospital. We got to see him right before he got taken down to get a pheresis line placed as he was started on dialysis this afternoon.  This should get his kidney's working again!!!
We then headed over to my parent's for the Big Event, you know the Packer game! Can we say AWESOME! The boys are headed to the Super Bowl! YAY!

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