Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

Several summers when I was a kid the family would pack up the ol' pop up camper and we would head to Jellystone Campground in the Dells. Good times.
So i guess this year the family got a little nostalgic and decided to head back down there since we have multiplied! Talk about a taking walk down memory lane. So many things were the same(i.e. the traffic noise all night/day, the mini golf, the ranger station... yet many improvements had been made too (new water park area, lots more camping spaces)! 
It was a great weekend filled with whipped cream contests, peanut relays, bike rides,campfires and lots of SUN!
Hope you enjoy my photo album...

 This creature jumped right onto Tanya! Made her jump a foot in the air!

 Racyn hugging Cindy Bear (i had my zoom lens on and couldn't get her head in the pic)

 inhaling water?

 Tanya finished her whipped cream and tried to eat Malorie's too!

 Peanut Relay: we had to push a peanut across the floor with our noses!

 Malorie won!

 Boys only mini golf!


 Malorie fell off her bike so Adam was there to take care of her!

 Pudgy pies!

 Going on the "hey" ride through the campground!

 dad and I cutting it up at the dance! yep, we are that good!

Here we stopped at our friend Maggie's family's hot dog stand "Rail Dogs"
Her parents are from Poland and run this converted railroad car. I have to say it was the best hot dog I have ever had. And one of the customers there at the same time as us was Rick Wilcox, the magician. 

It was a great, hot weekend! I am so glad we did this as a family and would do it again next weekend!

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