Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picking Apples!

Last weekend in between helping my BFF move, getting a massage, and hanging out with family I took a little time out and headed the the apple orchard with Malorie and Racyn... They are becoming real pros at this as it was our 3rd year!! The kids were pumped to head out to the trees! Malorie insisted on pulling Racyn around on the wagon too!

Yep, they even got me!! :-)
Big Juicy Apples!! Cortland Apples to be exact.
Racyn had to sample the first 6 apples he picked! Seriously, 6 apples!
Off to get some Pears too!
So we only picked a few pears and then the kiddos were in a race back to the apple trees.
A rare "let's get along" moment!
Pull buddy!
3 feet 6 inches
3 feet 9 inches (lets imagine her standing up straight)

So after 25 pounds of apples and 8 pounds of pears we were on our way!
We made back to the van, pulled out of the driveway and it started raining! We got lucky!!

Below is a picture that I took that same night on Spruce Rd in Arpin (just after leaving my parents driveway)!! The colors were much more amazing in person but it was so beautiful!! Hope you enjoy the fall, my favorite time of the year!

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