Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relay For Life

Every year for Relay for Life I set a goal of $100... Every year I raise between $40-$60. I am really not a good fundraiser apparently! But this year I did it! I raised $110!!! Thank you everyone who donated to something that is so very important to me. I remember going to my first Relay the first year I started in the Oncology department. I knew then how important it was... to everyone. and have been involved every year since.
 I also like that my kids are getting into it (at least when they aren't over tired as they were this year). This year was also Rob's first time joining us. There were a lot of firsts this year because it was the first year they had a birthday cake contest... judged on taste and appearance. Well, of course you all know I entered the contest. And delivered one heck of an entry. Thanks for the help Julie Boehm. She helped me put the finishing touches on! Of course, I never heard who won! So if anyone knows, let me know! HA!
I hope if you have never gone to a Relay for Life event that next year you can either join me and my family or find one local to you. When Rob and I were living in Michigan I remember mom, dad, Tanya, and Adam coming to visit and we went sight seeing and ended up at a park (this was 9 years ago) and we seen a lot of people walking in the dark with luminaries lite up... I had NO IDEA what was going on. But knew then that it was a powerful thing. Walking around the track really helps clear your mind and lets you reflect on how cancer has affected your life. For me it is thinking about patients I have met and how their fight with cancer has affected me.
Here are just a few shots from our night.
Racyn walking laps with us
 Rob and Malorie walking
The church group met and did a lap together in honor of all the members in our congregation that are either fighting right now or have in the past.
Malorie by Aunt Lois' Luminary

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