Saturday, August 13, 2011

playing in the rain

Tuesday night the kids and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a bike ride... so off we went, and only got to the top of our driveway before we saw Kristi and Jackson, who pulled over and we quickly decided to head over to their house (4 blocks away) and continue the bike ride with them.
Well, we got to their house, found Jack's helmet and decided to ride back to our house so that Kristi could use Rob's bike. We no sooner decided that when it started to rain. So Kristi drove to our house while the 3 kids and I rode our bikes. in the rain. the pouring rain. the COLD pouring rain. And not sure if all of you know Jackson but he is 3... so not to fast on a bike yet... So it was a LONG COLD POURING RAIN ride back to our house. Longest 4 blocks of my life. But we made it!!!
About 3 minutes after we got home the rain was over and what should appear? A double rainbow! and everyone knows what happens when there is a double rainbow!!! My camera comes out!!! So here are some shots of kids, rain, rainbows, and umbrellas!!!

After playing in the rain and mud puddles for a little bit we all headed back out for a bike ride! and had a blast!!! Never a dull moment here!
Have a great weekend!

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