Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful for having a house!

Well, where do I start?? Malorie was on Spring Break this week so the kids spent Tuesday night with grammie and papa. We started this adventure at the Holiday Inn swimming pool. Kids had a blast. Then Racyn and Malorie, Brandon and Ashley got to stay over.

Wednesday they headed over to Stevens Point to the Children's Museum there! Looks like they had a lot of fun! Of course, I was at work... Here a couple of the things the kids got to do:

Thursday ended with a little bowling. Racyn got to skip preschool and hang out again with Grammie, Papa, Brandon, Ashley, Malorie and me (for a little on my lunch break). I have to tell ya I bowled one of the best games of my life today! How funny is that!

 After work today I went to Curves to do the Curves Circuit with Zumba workout! OK, let me break this down for you. I burn at least 400 calories in a half hour! Tonight I did it for an hour! yep! How awesome is that?? 800 calories! After I left I wanted to come right home since I had a roast in the roaster all day! Yep 225 degrees for 12 hours! All I can say is if I had let it cook for 13 hours I probably wouldn't have a house anymore. My roast was burnt to a crisp. My potatoes looked like charcoal. My house was filled with smoke! I don't think I should be allowed to use kitchen appliances anymore! This isn't my first incident! Just glad I got home when I did. So I settled for Popcorn and Pop tarts for supper!

Hope you all have a great night?

Has any one else had any kitchen appliance mishaps??
Mine include tonight, and starting 2 fires in the kitchen both of which were put out by my hero husband... only casualty was my deep fryer and almost a pizza oven!

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  1. I burned my BRAND NEW cupboards with a candle. Left the house and came back to it scorched. Had I been gone longer the whole place probably would have been gone. I got LUCKY and rarely burn candles anymore!!