Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday August 17, 2010

Had a crazy day! Had a second interview for a medical assistant job today, it went well but you never really know! After work I took the kids by myself to McDonalds and Malorie and Racyn had a blast playing. Then took some ice cream with us for the trip home (nice and messy)
We got home and started cleaning, yep, my favorite thing to do! After some much needed pushing to get the kids to help we reorganized the kids bookshelf and got part of the living room cleaned. Our living room stunk like dog! Yuck! Now after vaccuuming and Febreezing the place things are smelling a little better!!! Now we are sitting in peace and quiet watching DragonTales on our favorite channel, Sprout!
Just waiting for daddy to get home from helping the youth group at church with some landscaping projects!

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